Featured Partner: Jess Wandering Goods

Curating sustainable products made with natural ingredients is our mission at Coastline Soap Co. When we came across another like-minded small business we knew we needed to share.

Jess Wandering Goods is an Orlando based small business that specializes in herbal infusions for every day life. With a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine owner, Jessica, expertly blends high-quality botanicals and essential oils for topical application and use in aiding digestion, headaches, stress and even getting a good night's rest.

We love Jess Wandering Goods so much that we've partnered with them to carry their Hippie Love Perfume Roller. For a limited time, this amazing unisex fragrance is available on its own or in a bundle with Coastline Apothecary's Cupid's Bath Bomb (the perfect Valentine's Day gift).

Stop by Jess Wandering Goods for more information about herbal infusions.

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