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Let's Face It...

Your face needs some attention.

Wearing a face covering may lead to some undesirable effects on your skin. Here are some tips on how to take better care of your face.

Some people are experiencing skin imperfections on their face and calling it "maskne", or mask-acne. It's actually akin to something athletes get from excess moisture and friction from helmets and chin straps.

If you're seeing red, irritated or acne-like skin anomalies since you've started wearing a mask, here are some tips on how to help manage it.

  • Always wear a clean face covering and avoid contaminating the inside layer. If you're wearing a face covering for a long period of time or feel that the interior has become soiled or contaminated, swap it out with a fresh one.

  • Cleans your skin with a moisturizing soap that doesn't leave you feeling dry. Our Turmeric Face Soap and Charcoal Face Soap are designed to target imperfections in the skin without stripping it of moisture and leaving you feeling dry and irritated.

  • Gentle exfoliation helps reduce the build up of dirt and skin cells that can clog your pores. Regular use of a facial cleansing pad or cotton wash cloth will help keep your face polished and looking its best.

  • Use a quality clay face mask at least once per week to balance, cleanse and renew your skin. Coastline Apothecary offers six varieties of clay face masks that will not only cleanse your skin but help balance skin tone and nourish your skin. A little goes a long way with these masks. Just take a small scoop, add water, let it dry on your face and rinse away!

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