New Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween looks a lot different this year so we've got a few new ideas on how to celebrate at home with kids of all ages!

Hide-and-Eek! Pumpkin Hunt

What's more fun than a scavenger hunt? Hide a bunch of mini pumpkins and gourds throughout the house or yard and let the madness begin. Sweeten the pot by awarding the best scavenger with prizes!

Have a mini pumpkin painting party when you've found them all.

Jack-o-Lantern Carving

This classic tradition is a personal favorite! This year, get your friends and family involved with a digital distance competition. Choose three judges and let them decide who's got the spookiest, most creative or grossest design. Set a deadline and submit your pumpkin pictures for judging. Let the best carver win!

Pop a Coastline Soap Co. pumpkin scented candle in your jack-o-lantern for added pumpkiny fragrance!

Random Acts of Spooky

In lieu of trick-or-treating, treat your friends to Random Acts of Spooky this year!

Fill a bag with your favorite snacks, candy and gifts you think they’ll enjoy. Drop it off at their place and let them know they’ve been spooked!

Include a note inside to pass on the fun to the next unsuspecting friend. Don’t forget to throw in a bar of soap and a face covering!

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Dust off that cauldron! It's time for potions class.

Gather around your spooky vessel of choice filled with water and make some magic with Coastline Soap Co. Bath Bombs! Grab your favorite fizzing bomb and crush it up (place it in a paper bag and bang it on a hard surface). Toss in the bits for fun, fragrant fizzing while you cast good-hearted spells on your friends and family.

Movie Night Mud Monsters

Scary movie night? Add some ice cold water to your favorite clay face mask and glob it on your face for a monstrous makeover. Mud masks are always more fun with a friend. Apply a cold mess to each others' face and let it dry while you're binging your favorite Halloween flicks. Reveal your new look after it dries and decide who's the most gruesome.

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