How-to: Pumpkin Liquid Soap

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

It’s PSL Season! Pumpkin Soap Lather smells so good...

Here’s how to enjoy that pumpkiny goodness in a new way. Three steps to turn our signature bar soap into rich liquid heaven.

1️Use a cheese grater and make small flakes using one bar of soap.

2️Pour 4 cups of boiled water over the soap flakes and stir periodically until it cools and thickens.

3️Fill your favorite liquid soap dispenser and enjoy!

(This yields about 4 cups of liquid soap and will fill about 2 soap dispensers)

Love pumpkin? Check out this blog spot from Curated365 showcasing Coastline Soap Co.'s pumpkin collection.


This method can be used with any of our bar soaps!

Did your liquid soap come out too thin? Heat it up over a double boiler to evaporate some of the excess water to thicken it up. A stick blender may also help thicken it up. Thinner liquid soap can be used in a foaming hand pump.

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