Effective Face Coverings

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Are you wearing a face covering with an exhalation valve or a single-layer neck gaiter? You might want to re-think your covering-of-choice next time you go out. Here are some tips on responsibly choosing an effective face covering.

The main purpose of face coverings is to limit the amount of moist air that is exhaled from your mouth and nose. Picture your breath on cold winter day. How far does that air travel? Far enough to be inhaled by others around you. This is happening wether we see it or not. We need to mitigate this exchange as much as possible to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Put away those valve-masks and neck gaiters and adopt something more effective. Two-ply cotton face coverings are most effective at reducing the amount of moist air exiting your mouth and nose. Three-ply cotton face covering, like the Beach Tee Cotton Face Coverings from Coastline Soap Co., are even more effective (not to mention comfortable)! Keep multiple coverings on hand so you're never reusing one that's been exposed.

Some Tips on Wearing Face Coverings:

It's your responsibility to wear an effective face covering in public spaces.

Show RESPECT to the people around you by keeping your MOUTH AND NOSE covered the entire time others are present. This includes food service workers, cashiers and store employees.

Dining at a restaurant? Only remove your face covering when ACTIVELY EATING as a courtesy to waitstaff. They're just as susceptible as you are.

Don't sip or snack on the go! Removing your covering to take a bite while you're out and about is just reckless. It can wait, and even if it can't, stand in an area where you can safely remove your face covering and maintain physical distance (6+ feet) from others. Also be sure to wash your hands before you put your hands near your mouth!

Never pull your face covering down around your neck. Avoid contaminating the inside of your covering by removing it completely when it is appropriate to do so.

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