Earth Day

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Making the world greener and inspiring others to join in is the message of the day. Going “green” isn’t a one time event. We need to think about our impact on the earth every day.

How can you live green?

Ditch single-use plastics. Swap those plastic bottles, bags, straws, dish-wear and utensils for reusable versions. You’ll save money in the process!

Make more eco-conscience decisions when making purchases. Choose natural materials and biodegradable packaging over synthetics and be mindful of how much waste you’ll produce once you’re done using it.

How do we live green?

Our products are made without synthetic ingredients and are biodegradable. They’re packaged in recyclable paper, cardboard, glass and metal. We never use plastic packaging.

We even think about how we ship things to you. Every order is shipped in a recyclable cardboard box, packed with plain newsprint and sealed with sturdy paper tape.

We make going green easy for you. It’s what we believe in and we’re proud to share it with the world.

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