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Craft Made Beer Soap

That's right. Beer soap!

Making soap with beer gives it a major boost. Beer is made with hops which contain amino acids that soften and soothe skin. Its great for all skin types; especially for those with dry skin, eczema, dermatitis and blotchy skin. Sediments in beer known as "brewers yeast" contains skin-loving nutrients like various vitamins, riboflavin and biotin. It's also know for its antibacterial properties that help combat acne.

Beer soap is great for hair too! Tame frizz and moisturize your mane with a bar of this softening soap. Lather up your facial hair for a softer, healthier beard. Restore the damage that's been done by the bottled detergents you've been using on your hair.

Vanilla Stout is made with a rich double stout beer which is loaded with nutrients and rounded out with a warm vanilla aroma. Honey Ale is made with a blonde ale and has a sweet and light honey fragrance (not to mention a fun honeycomb pattern along the edge). Pick up a bar of your own to experience one of the most luxurious bar soaps we offer.

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